Connectico Capital
Project incubator community

About us

Connectico Capital is a token based project incubator community
Our mission is to grant our community access to projects at early-stage funding rounds


Connectico Capital was founded in 2018, the group’s first incubated project was Nexo


Rapidly growing community with ~ 5000 members on Discord, and more than 300 Con token holders.

Project incubation

Supported over 30 early stage projects, with a total of more than $5million investment

Marketing services

Solid marketing tools, AMA sessions, content creaton, social media management


Track record of incubated projects by our community

How to join

If you are an investor who loves supporting early stage projects, follow these steps to become a validated member of the Connectico Capital community with solid investment opportunities


VIP*: 80,000 CON
Exclusive*: 50,000 CON
Senior*: 30,000 CON
Partner*: 10,000 CON
* or respective NFT

CON token

Buy at least 10K CON tokens on Uniswap or Bilaxy


Connectico issued its own NFTs, which can guarantee access to the respective tiers, or be a booster for you. Bid on Connectico NFTs at Opensea

Join deals

Enjoy the access to exclusive cryptocurrency/blockchain projects at early-stage funding rounds

Get in Touch

Whether you represent an early phase crypto project, or you are a crypto enthusiast willing to be the part of our community in any ways, fee free to contact us

Interested in incubation?

Seeking for capital to raise funds, marketing, AMA sessions... reach out to us:


Being a software engineer, marketer, content creator, crypto investor... reach out to us:

This is not an investment advice, nor business, legal, financial, or any kind of advice. This is also not a financial service, legal service, or an investment service. Always conduct your own research and due diligence before making any investment decisions. Investing in ICOs and cryptocurrencies carries a potential risk. Never contribute more than you can afford to lose.